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prosenjit1995 said..
2017-01-18 13:30:58
admin amar account balance nagetive hoye geche please tik kore din,,

Tibraw400 said..
2017-01-15 13:06:06
I have creat a new account. I have some problem.I can\t earn.What can i do?

sujoymondal said..
2017-01-14 09:03:30
আমি কোনো ভিডিএ দেখতে পাছিনা, ফেছবুকে লাইক করতে পারছিনা। কেনো????

Asad0986 said..
2017-01-11 20:39:12
Hi.........I m new. How can I earn money by this.Plz help me in detail.Plz

mdzakir said..
2017-01-10 19:03:39
Please kaw bolo ki vabe coin korbo