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krishan19 said..
2022-01-17 11:41:30
dear admin,
I have faching problems few of days about coins, while Linkedin, Twitter,Tumblr,these tasks did not get coins totaly right now.

how to work on shareyt family??
hope fix this fatal error soon.

tarak20 said..
2021-11-19 14:00:40
i need more coin. anyone sale coin contract me 01303155433

Mushfiqur77 said..
2021-09-06 17:53:19
Dear Admin,
Its a matter of great regret that I am working properly, but Im not getting any coins. There is a lot of old tasks. Please remove that and give new work. I am regular worker.
In youtube, delicious, tumblr, instagram, facebook and maxmimum of your sites, i cant get coin after completing tasks. Please fix the problems.
Thank you.

valobasha9511 replied to Mushfiqur77's comment..
2021-12-17 09:44:06
Same Breh>>>>

valobasha9511 said..
2021-08-25 13:55:51
Dear Admin,

please fix these Tasks i cant got coins before i can get coins form thse Tasks: 1) Tumblr, 2) buffer, 2) Pocket, 3) Youtube, 4) Folkd and 5) Mix, 6) Delicious.

if theses task forever didnt work well kindly remove old task and update New task.

Sonnguyen09 said..
2021-08-06 21:02:26
why i liked subscribed and watched the whole video and said i havent done it yet .and when i finish it how long will i get the coin .where can i get the answer .thanks