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Admin said..
2014-05-29 22:32:49
Dear sharers,
You will be glad to know that we have developed several new platforms for you to work on. Try them today!

Bizsugar Votes
Linkedin P{ost Likes
Linkedin Group Members Shares
Ok Shares
IMDB Rating

But, dont forget to share the news. Lets advertisers know so they can add works on these sections.
And feel free to write to us what you want to see next :)

Good luck to you all.

Salehchy replied to Admin's comment..
2014-06-01 07:41:21
Hello Sir
Thank you for adding new platform we may work and earn more thank you once again.

bdtiger replied to Admin's comment..
2014-06-01 11:45:24
Thanks Admin To Spreading our earning way.
Thanks once again.

LailaNazneen replied to Admin's comment..
2014-06-02 12:41:26
Thanks Admin for add new platform to Increase our Earning .

diyajeff replied to Admin's comment..
2014-06-03 23:19:17
Thanks for gives us more new section for Earning .

Rudz0ne replied to Admin's comment..
2014-06-08 15:43:28
Thanks, Admin.

Masum_m6lze replied to Admin's comment..
2014-08-22 02:52:17
Thanks Admin.

MamunKhan953 replied to Admin's comment..
2015-02-26 11:07:52

Atik_hasan replied to Salehchy's comment..
2015-08-07 14:36:33
Hello Sir
Thank you for adding new platform we may work and earn more thank you once again.

raihansojib96 replied to Admin's comment..
2016-12-20 15:52:38
Why cant share my Facebook refferal to share refferal link on Facebook. Please teach me.

mehedihasanmhs replied to Admin's comment..
2017-02-10 19:41:05
my account balance (-1775.000 Coins why

Shofiqul_alam replied to mohsin01oct0's comment..
2017-02-26 02:48:25
vai amar to kono tai kaj korse nah, ami notun useer plshelp me!

mdhasan001 replied to Admin's comment..
2017-03-26 19:11:35
thanx many thanx for this

sumonkumar replied to Admin's comment..
2017-04-07 03:37:22
Thank you lot of sir for adding more,,,kindly add more site..BUFFER SHARE not work,

sumonkumar replied to Admin's comment..
2017-05-01 22:00:05
Thanks Admin..! be want Folkd section work.

Neamat replied to Admin's comment..
2017-05-16 13:56:27
How To Micro Job?

masudranams786 replied to Admin's comment..
2017-08-25 20:34:36
pop up windows allow hocce na akhon ke korbo plz ans me

sumonkumar replied to Admin's comment..
2018-03-13 07:24:02
dear sir, please Add Xing Bookmarks, BibSonomy, and Keek Platfrom. thankyou :)

shamim0na0 replied to Admin's comment..
2018-06-22 05:53:38
Hello admin,
Thanks for this platform. we will want to more section to earn fast on this site.please set the all section where we will earn per day minimum $5 would it possible?

yzeiri replied to Admin's comment..
2020-02-19 13:09:13
Hi i have a problem with this acc so i want do delete it to create a new one
please tell me how or help me

samantamasud replied to Admin's comment..
2020-08-01 19:45:40
Thnks i want to work in facebook

Adil57 replied to Admin's comment..
2020-09-17 14:48:32
Thanks sir for your big plat from

Admin said..
2014-05-05 13:19:06
_______ Refer More.. Earn More! _______

Dear sharers!
For the month of May we are giving away 100 coins per referral signup bonus! Yes, our regular bonus was 50 coins.. So grab this opportunity and boost your earning opportunities!

_______ Best way to refer users _______
1. Make different blog posts explaining how to utilize shareyt to get facebok likes, twitter followers, youtube views etc.
2. Include your referral link in your blog post.
3. Drive targeted traffic to your blog posts using social media sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin, Google plus etc.

You will find your own personalized referral link from this page

* Its always advised that you follow the above method to get referral signups, because you may not be able to post your referral link directly on sites like facebook, twitter etc.
Please note that, fake or selfreferral signup is prohibited and may result in account suspension. So only drive real, targeted traffic for best outcome.

labonna5842 replied to Admin's comment..
2014-05-06 00:02:42
Dear Sir,

Thanks for new option. It will be very helpful if you provide me Capthcha option. So that we can earn more & more.

bdtiger replied to labonna5842's comment..
2014-05-06 11:01:10
Dear Admin,
Thanks for this Awesome Offer. All THE BEST....

heartless replied to labonna5842's comment..
2014-05-31 04:25:33
yes i need this one

AMIMUR replied to labonna5842's comment..
2015-09-05 00:46:38
Speak English so users from all countries can participate
Do not spam. Do not post referral links or other promotional links
Be respectful to others and check your comments before posting
Abusing the commentbox may result in suspension of account

raihansojib96 replied to Admin's comment..
2016-12-20 16:02:11
I cant share my refferal link on Facebook.please help me that how to share refferal link of Facebook of my own.

mbiplob replied to raihansojib96's comment..
2017-08-12 22:41:41
Vai Cash request korsi kintu paini

mary02 replied to mbiplob's comment..
2019-09-24 19:11:31
coin sale korle ami kinbo . koto ase knock me 01303155433 Tarak