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Likes, Followers, Views, Shares, Bookmarks

Shareyt is a crowd-sourcing platform to help you improve social media presence, get more exposure and boost search engine ranking. Enjoy Free social media marketing or try our paid guaranteed packages.
We help you get facebook likes, followers, shares, photo/video likes and event joiners.
Retweets, likes and followers on twitter, instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, Vkontakte and more.
Bookmarks from Delicious, diggo, Stumbleupon, tumblr, ok, bizsugar, buffer, bibsonomy, folkd, reddit.
Video views, likes and subscribers on Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion. Whether you look for website traffic, some dedicated affiliate marketers or SEO backlinks for your site.. we made it as simple as mouse-clicking.
Whenever and wherever you need massive workforce to complete petty tasks, call for Shareyt and get it done like magic! You can even earn cash by by liking, sharing, viewing, following others in our network.
You can't imagine the potentials until you explore!

Who can benefit from Shareyt

  • SEO
  • Web
  • Small Medium
  • Bloggers
  • Online Business
  • Individuals
  • Affiliate
  • Video

Crowdsource Social Media Marketing

Utilize the power of social media crowd and get your words shared across the globe in shortest possible time. Think for a while.. what if a hundred facebook friends shared your message on their status updates? Or tweeted about your brand? If each of them had only 100 real life friends or twitter followers you'd instantly got publicity in front of 10,000 potential listeners. You don't need a thousand dollar billboard, TV commercials or advertising agencies but only mouse clicks from mass people. Now, why would "The Crowd" shout for you? Because here, at Shareyt you share, tweet, bookmark, like others' content and they do the same favor reciprocally. Enough said?

Add your site, social profile or page

Like, follow, share fellow users'

Enjoy likes, shares, views in return!

Serious about Facebook, twitter, Social Media Marketing?

91% of social marketers saw improved website traffic due to social media campaigns - Social Media Today
58% of consumers expect to gain access to exclusive content, events or sales with social - Small Biz Trends
Social media advertising spending is supposed to reach usd 8.3 billion by 2015 - Direct Marketing News
It appears that at least 34 percent of marketers have generated leads using Twitter alone - Digital Buzz Blog
Approximately 79% of marketers saw more quality leads from social media - Social Media Today

Delivering millions of free facebook likes, google plus followers. Most popular name in twitter, pinterest and linkedin marketing

Social Bookmark

To buy or not to buy facebook likes, twitter followers and stuffBuying facebook likes? Twitter followers or Google Plus votes? With Shareyt you get real publicity on all major social media platform free!
twiter followers to retweet messagesThousands of users to share your content across facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pinterest, Youtube and more..
improve brand image with facebook, twitter, pinterest, google plus and other social sharesAdd prestige, earn credibility through word of mouth publicity.
Shareyt offers total online promotion with complete seo, bookmarking and social networking solutions

Total Promotion

seo bookmarking freeSEO, Social Sharing and Direct traffic- you get all from one single platform.
affiliate marketingShareyt Special Easy Affiliate system makes affiliate marketing possible for YOUR website without installing a thing!
targeted website trafficIt's more than traffic exchange, more than PTC ad network; experience total online promotion with Shareyt!
Shareyt the best social exchange site allowing users to target their audience and set daily and total budget giving ultimate control over growth

Why Shareyt

viral marketingActive enthusiastic crowd to uplift your brand and product.
be more popularHave total contol over your social media growth.
privacy guaranteedWe dont ask for password, account or API access.
unbeatable rate for advertisersWhile Shareyt is FREE, for those who need more, we have unbeatable offers for paid publicity.
simple and fast promotionSet it and forget it.

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