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Welcome to the ABCs of A/B testing. If you?ve spent any time in proximity to marketing, you?ve probably heard the term thrown around. Today we?re going to break it down at the most fundamental level, explore what it means for social media, and talk about how your brand can use it to improve performance.  ...
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Throughout the past two months, many brands have been using their platforms (and their dollars) to support anti-racism organizations and the Black Lives Matter movement. While a majority of these brands have remained silent in the past on similar issues, this time has been different. Millions of people have spoken out against the injustices inflicted...
Everything You Need to Know About the Facebook Boycott
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If you work in social media, you?re likely aware of the recent Facebook boycott, in which brands are pausing their ads on the platform during the month of July. However, the campaign isn?t as common knowledge as you might think?a recent study shows that nearly 70 percent of consumers are unaware or have not formulated...

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