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You Can?t Be Fired For Your Facebook Likes, Board Rules
You Can?t Be Fired For Your Facebook Likes, Board Rules You Can?t Be Fired For Your Facebook Likes, Board Rules Internet Has Been Optimized The National Labor Relations Board ruled that Facebook posts and likes can?t be grounds for termination after a Connecticut waitress and cook were fired for slamming their boss on social media. The incident occurred three years ago when a former employee at ...
What Really Happens When Someone Clicks Your Facebook Like Button by @kevanlee
Funny, we?ve had the Facebook Like button along the side of every Buffer blog post for the past several years. And I don?t think I?ve ever clicked it. I?ve hoped that others would, of course. I hope they click all the share buttons. But until now, I?ve never known what that experience was like for the end-user. What?s it like to actually share a story to Facebook? And how can I make it a better ...
BET Wins Legal War Over Fan's Facebook Page (Exclusive)
A Florida judge says Facebook likes aren't the property of page creators read more

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