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Here?s The Really Weird Thing About The Facebook Page For Apple?s iPhone
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images There is a Facebook page for iPhone, and it has nearly 3.5 million fans. But it?s not run by Apple. It?s a fan page. Apple doesn?t actually have a Facebook page for iPhone.  In fact, Apple?s presence on Facebook is inconsistent. There is a page for the App Store. And a (barely updated) page for Apple Inc. There is also a page for iTunes. The iTunes page has 32 ...
Facebook has only ?pivoted? on one kind of privacy ? in other ways, it?s beco...
When it comes to Facebook, there's privacy and there's privacy. And the way things are playing out, improvements on one kind of privacy could in effect act to the detriment of the other.
Ed Sheeran Joins Kim Kardashian and Mariah Carey in Facebook Celebrity App Club
Singer songwriter Ed Sheeran has become the first British celebrity to be given access to a new Facebook app exclusively reserved for the rich and famous. The singer ? currently topping the UK charts with his album x ? has joined the likes of Kim Kardashian, US soccer star Alex Morgan, Arianna Huffington and actor Josh Duhamel in the exclusive club of users. The Facebook Mentions app allows ...

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