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Visible Measures Launches New Site To Show The ?True Reach? Of A Video Campaign
 It?s easy to tell when a video has been successful online, right? Just go to YouTube and look at how many views it has. Except YouTube isn?t the only site around (as I remind myself anytime I look at the view counts on TechCrunch?s YouTube channel). That?s why Visible Measures, a startup focused on video analytics and advertising, has launched a new site called True? Read More
6 fitspiration ads designed to get your butt off the couch
It?s not even Feb. 1 yet and, if you?re anything like the average American, you?re not exactly killing that New Year?s Resolution to start dropping the extra pounds you picked up during the holidays. That?s bad for your cholesterol level and for the $60 billion domestic diet industry, which has already been buffeted by competition from free smartphone apps and tech gadgets like FitBit. The last ...
Latin Everywhere Buys Inmoo And Launches Pongalo, A ?Hulu For Hispanic Video?
 Latin Everywhere, the Spanish-language digital media company that was formed by the merger of Latin Anywhere and YouTube success GoTV last year, is launching a new streaming video service and acquisition that it hopes will help it drive more traffic to its own property. Pongalo, as the service is called, describes itself as a ?Hulu for Hispanics.? By that, the company is referring? Read More

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